About Us

It started over 25 years ago when we opened an unassuming restaurant in the far south end of Hartford with a vision to elevate Spanish cuisine from relative obscurity and bring a new dimension to the ethnic restaurants in the area.

When the restaurant opened in 1986, it was a family’s dream come true. The first members of the family came to Hartford from the Galicia region of Spain in 1966. Family members labored in a variety of jobs, especially construction, until enough money was saved to open the restaurant. It has been the sacrifice of a generation of siblings – Pepe, Emilio, Moncho, Maria, Gely and Javier – and their devotion to spreading the Spanish cuisine gospel that has put Costa del Sol within the upper echelons of the best restaurants in the state.

Costa del Sol opened with a traditional menu that included home-style dishes and savory offerings of seafood, pork, chicken, and beef. As the years went by, the kitchen kept sharpening its skills, consistently favoring a more refined sensibility. While our ‘paella’ has been the dish that has identified us from the start, the restaurant is constantly working hard to keep the menu fresh and show that Spanish food is moving forward. As the restaurant-going public has grown more aware of international foods and flavors, especially with the Spanish cuisine craze, Costa del Sol has managed to keep steps ahead with innovative offerings.

Today, Costa del Sol is proud to offer flavors that are disarmingly vivid, techniques that are wholly sophisticated, presentations that are simply stunning, and a list of lusty Spanish wines that is unsurpassed. While it takes pleasure in being one of the oldest white tablecloth restaurants in Hartford, Costa del Sol treasures the fact that it is an unabashedly family business with all the habits and quirks that will make you feel part of the extended Costa del Sol family.